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Tree of Memories

Social Museology Workshop on Biographical Objects

Pedro Pereira Leite – med

Based on the experience of social museology developed in the project “Trees of Memories” in Mozambique and the activities of education for the development of NGDO “Life”, we propose a moment of encounter on the diversity of knowledge and of the actions in the world and a space for recognition of the ecology of knowledge in the positioning of each participant to promote cognitive justice.

From a ciranda of memory and through the method of the sociodrama, we propose a work on the reification of memory and production of social innovation from the biographical experiences of the participants

The session seeks to facilitate the creation of a moment of learning from the experiences of participants’ life histories. From the look of self and the other are summoned experiences of self weaving group memories through the recognition of diversity in the construction of narratives. The recognition of difference is a pretext to work on the different processes that are present in the group.

Each group member is invited to recognize difference as an exercise in self-recognition and in their role in the group. At the end of the work, the group is recognized as a set of actors with capacity for action and transformation, capable of recognizing and resolving their conflicts.


Pedropereiraleite@hotmail.com /pedro.leite@ulusofona.pt

MED – Education and Diversity Museum/ Anagrama –Cultural Association

UNESCO Chair in Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity

Tree of Memories- Plan of Session

(duration 150 ‘)

1-. Warm-up

  • Presentation exercise. Enunciation of the name, with repetition by the group
    • Location of origin according to place of birth
    • Locogram: reference to the other. Cartography of differences and similarities.
  • Specific heating: Enunciation of recognized problems
  • Choice of topics. From the formation of groups of problems selected by the group.
  1. Role play. Workshop of social museology
  • Proposal of dramatization of referenced problems
  • Diagnostic exercises
    • Mapping, embodying, hybridizing, creating utopias
  • Proposed resolution of the problems
  1. Reflection
  • The complexity of problems.
  • Working in groups to solve problems

Topics to be addressed.

  • What are Life History and Biographical Research
    • Application Situations of Biographical Research
  • Biographic Ressearch Terms of Use
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Biographic Research processes
    • Biographical research and qualitative methodologies. (Collection and selection of information, participatory action-research processes
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of BR
    • The Chicago School
    • The Oral History
    • Hermeneutic Proposals
  • IB Aplication Siutations
    • Education, Health, Anthropology, History
    • The Use of Biographical Research in Museology
      • Information Levels of Biographical Investigation
      • The life stories and the storing telling
        • Autobiographies and biography
      • The biographical narratives, socio narratives.
    • Empowerment and cognitive justice – The experiences of the Tree of Memories


Publicado por Pedro Pereira Leite

Dinamizador do Museu Educação Global e Diversidade Cultural Museu Afro Digital - Portugal. Museu da Autonomia.

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