A guide to intelligence (and heritability) for beginners

Sandra Leaton Gray

ClassroomOver the next few weeks, I will be posting three articles up on this blog, as a short series. This series examines an important problem in education, and that is: how do we find out what individuals are capable of, and what they are learning? I will look at three aspects of this problem. First of all, I will discuss assessing intelligence, then I’ll move onto assessing learning, and finally I will look at assessing aptitude. It’s quite ambitious to try to do this in blog posts, because these subjects fill entire library sections normally, but you really should see the posts just as a short introduction to each topic, a kind of taster.

I’m going to start with a brief investigation into IQ tests. First of all I will describe the main types of intelligence test that have been in common use over the last century, in chronological order…

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